Joanne Osborne - August 2020

Fish - Jo Osborne (Aug 2020)

This lovely fish features the Mother-of-pearl fishbone tiles from our "Nature's Bounty" Collection... which have proven pretty popular.. Wonderful work Jo - it looks so lovely!
The work is 55cm across, done on High-Grade ply, using recycled antique blue willow china, mop scales tiles and glass tiles. For indoor use only. Jo is interested in Greek and Roman mosaics - and it shows - Great job - it certainly reminds me of an old Roman Mosaic!!!.

Monika May Millefiori Ring 2 WM

Millefiori Ring - Monika May

I’m a half South African half German, high school teacher of German, working in a high school in Bundaberg. I’ve lived in Bundy for 12 years but before that I lived in Madrid, London and Johannesburg.

Obsessed with colours, I try my hand at all things. Mosaic, crochet, acrylic painting, needle Felting, watercolours, polymer clay work, beading.... and as a natural progression from my serious obsession with earring making, I am currently madly learning about silversmithing. I craft madly in the holidays and am currently selling my polymer clay work at school and my brass leaf earrings are also selling well. I am often called on to present workshops within our region and have recently done a live painting demonstation - a lot of fun! My painting and crafts are mostly influenced by folk art, African art and inspiring illustrators like Eric Carle and Károly Reich.

Still looking all the time at ways to combine my crafts and include my love of colour in with the metalwork. Through my mosaic work, I found the melted millefiori and thought that they could be good cabochons for my bezel set rings. First attempt was super! The rest is history!

Leannes Lantern

Rainbow Lantern - Leanne Williams

Leanne is relatively new to mosaics, but has dived in full-swing..

Leanne has made this wonderful little lantern with Rainbow Crash glass - it looks super!!

Abstract - Leanne Williams

Leanne is relatively new to mosaics, but has dived in full-swing..

This lovely piece proves that Leanne isn't afraid to try something a bit different - well done Leanne!!!

Look what you’ve been up to!