From My Desk

November 18, 2020

Your Accounts on the Web-Site

I never realised that some of you don’t like to log into your account on the web-site. Maybe you can’t remember your passwords (I know that’s easy enough to do), or don’t know where to get them when they are sent out on creation (they come via email – and if you can’t find it, look in your “Junk” folder), or you are worried about leaving your details on a site. So, let me explain a few things. And yes, I do have a fair idea of what I’m talking about – I work in IT. You don’t need to […]
November 12, 2020

Time Poor? Mega-Mix Packs may be just the thing.

We have introduced Mega-Mix packs. Do you have a favourite colour, but can’t decide which products to buy? Don’t have the time to sit down and decide which ones to get!. or perhaps you’re on a budget and can’t say no (I know that one only too well). We’ve introduced Mega-Mix packs – in three sizes: A = $25 worth of product B = $50 worth of product C = $100 worth of product We have selected a variety of products to pop into each pack. You might get some beads, some micro-tiles, or even some glasstix in your packs. […]
September 22, 2020

Adhesives and Tools

I am really proud of the wonderful range of adhesives and tools we now have to offer our clients. We proudly brought the No Days range of Adhesives to Australia, and offer the straight adhesive film, as well as groutless adhesive in black, pewter and clear. We also have the wonderful No Days Heat activated mesh available. Please check out the great product review by Peter Twining of Treasury Road on YouTube. Some have queried if the products can be used outside. Well, yes they can! I have made pavers that have been in the Canberra winter with no issues, […]
August 10, 2020

Half-price Shipping to Victoria

Now that restrictions have lifted, postage charges will be back to normal…. To support all our loyal customers in Victoria during this period of lock-down, and its isolating consequences, we are offering half-price shipping to Victoria. Stay safe, and know that we are thinking of you…. Ali….
August 10, 2020

Mosaic Jewellery

I have become quite enamored of Mosaic Jewellery. My biggest hurdle so far is finding bezels that I like! I am going to go down the path of finding a silversmith who could make some for me (that I may be able to on-sell). However, I have made a couple of small pendants, and have ideas for many more. For now, I am using commerically available bezels, and will have a number up on my site soon The Sea Stars pendant sold even before it was complete, but the 2nd one (Precious) is for me.
July 24, 2020

We now accept Visa and Mastercard

It occurred to me that, with Victoria in lock-down, and the possibility of that extending to other states, that we should become as flexible as possible regarding payments. I know not everyone is comfortable with internet banking, nor does everyone have a PayPal account. So, Merlin Mosaica now accepts credit card payments. When you check-out, the payment is authorised from your card. Once I double check stock, and shipping options, and start to process the order, the funds are captured from your account.
July 21, 2020


Just a quick post to let you all know that Merlin Mosaica is now a member of the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand. You may wonder why I’ve chosen to do this? Well, I am involved in mosaics, not for the short-term, but for the long-term: as both an artist/practitioner, and a supplier. For my artistic growth, I see MAANZ membership as a way to forge links with some wonderful artists in our region – we are not just an outlier draging along on the coat-tails of other regions, but do have some wonderful local artists who are […]
June 29, 2020

Tints, Shades, Hues: – Colour Theory for Mosaics

In colour theory, there are many terms that are often not understood and can add confusion. A hue is a general term that simply means colour. A tint is a mixture of a colour added to white. a shade is a mixture of colour with black added. A tone is produced by mixing a colour with grey (in effect adding both black and white).  Mixing a colour with any neutral (black, gray, or white) reduces it’s saturation (or value), but the hue remains unchanged. In painting, the artist can mix their own colours, so an understanding of these terms is very important. In mosaics, we are […]
June 22, 2020

Life’s short – Enjoy the Journey

We all approach things differently, don’t we? That’s the charm and fascination of art – we can start out with similar ideas, but ultimately, the choices we make in colours and textures, the style we choose, the size – all these stamp our individuality onto a piece. Yes, we know all this, I hear you say. But there is something else too… The way one approaches the work has an impact. I am a fairly quick working, spontaneous mosaicist. No-one could ever accuse me of being neat! I do plan, but I don’t over-agonize about it. Some pieces are more […]
June 22, 2020

Our “Shopfront” (not)

I've received a few enquiries from people in or near to Canberra who want to come and have a look at our "shop".
June 21, 2020

Flutter By, butterfly…

Glass-on-glass using No Days adhesive film.
June 14, 2020

Mosaic Courses in Canberra

Hi all, I will be offering courses in Mosaics from my home in Calwell (Southern Canberra). Numbers will be strictly limited as they will be in my garage… 3 students maximum, at this stage. Most courses will be typically held over one day. The use of No Days Adhesives minimises the time required for adhesives to dry. I’ll be offering topics such as: Introduction to Mosaics: we discuss tools, safety, components of a mosaic, basic concepts. Participants take home a paver, ready to clean, seal and place in the garden. A single session course of 6 hours. Mosaic Jewellery: make […]