For Something a Little Different

Welcome to a place for Australian mosaicists who appreciate something a little different. If you're hunting for something a bit special - just ask and we'll try to find it. Given the unusual nature of many of our products, we can’t always compete on price points, but we do try to keep our prices as low as possible. If you are looking for cheaper products available in large lots, this may not be the place. But if you want that little something different, that can lift your work - please explore!!

In order to support our aim of providing different products to the Australian market, we have extended our range of glass tile products, and now include some more "main-stream" products at competitive prices. We offer a stunning range of glass tile - mirrored, iridised, pearl, matte, gloss - in all shapes: square, rectangular, round, hexagonal and triangular. Many of our tiles are suitable for exterior use - if unsure, just ask!

We are now absolutely thrilled to offer Stained Glass Sheets - in Cathedral (transparent), Opalised (generally opaque, but some with transparent swirls), iridised, and textured. We are selling these in 100x200mm sheets at a VERY competitive price, and will be soon offering strips and (potentially) tiles also. These fit into an Australia Post box, so we can keep postage costs to a minimum. However, should you require larger format sheets, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have access to many colours, and will be expanding the range over the next few months. Watch out - there are some more exciting products coming in this space

We also have a selection of beads - Bone, Shell, Stone, Metal and Glass (of course) - African tribal (sand-cast) glass, Czechoslovakian glass, and micro-beads (for jewellery and micro-mosaics - coming soon).

Our natural products are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested wherever possible.

And then there is our curated collection of treasures that can work beautifully in your creations: old jewellery, miniature tea-sets, and venetian masks, statues and vases, and bullet shells, which are wonderful as edges in your mosaics.

We are the original Australian distributor of No Days Adhesive film and Mosaic Mesh, and the No Days Groutless range of mosaic adhesives.

We will also be selling original mosaic pieces - functional and decorative three dimensional pieces as well as items to hang in your home or garden. From time to time, some abstract acrylic and encaustic art may be offered for sale.

Every effort will be made to keep the prices as low as possible. We are continually on the look-out for better methods of shipping, and new suppliers to help add to our range, and we always try to get the best prices we can, but as you are no doubt aware, shipping to OZ is pricey (to say the least).

Keep up to date with the goodies we have found and new ones coming in our "Coming Soon" section. Register your interest in an item to receive an email when they become available. Let us know what you are after and we’ll try to find it!

We appreciate all feedback, and use it to make our site better for you.