Glass Tile

In all it's guises, glass is the most beautiful of man-made substances. A craft, and an art. Our glass products are full coloured, and mostly recycled. Glass cuts easily with wheeled nippers, or with a scorer and running pliers. It can be opaque, translucent or transparent. It can have metallic accents throughout, be opalescent, iridescent or mirrored. It can be hand-blown, press-formed, kiln melted, or transformed by nature. The possibilities are endless!


A wonderful addition to your mosaics. Beads come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. We have a selection of glass, mineral (stone and lava), metallic, bone and shell, and tribal glass beads. We also have some delicious glass drops and gems. All are great as fill-ins, or just to give an added pop!

Natural Items

Our planet is a wondrous place, totally unique. It provides us with life, and everyday items. It is also the source of incredible beauty. We have sourced some items of magic and wonder for you to incorporate into your arful creations.


Ali's Treasure Box

Unique products, never likely to be repeated, that would look great in assemblage or as a centrepiece in your mosaic works. Collections of eye-catching treasures found in our travels and fossicking.