Welcome to a place for Australian mosaicists who appreciate something a little different.  If you’re hunting for something a bit special – just ask and I’ll try to find it.  Given the unusual nature of many of my products, I can’t always compete on price points, but I do try to keep our prices as low as possible.  If you want that little something different, that can lift your work – please explore.

In order to support my aim of providing different products to the Australian market, my range includes some more “main-stream” products at competitive prices. I offer a stunning range – mirrored, iridised, pearl, matte, gloss. Most of our tiles are suitable for exterior use – if unsure, just ask.

I am absolutely thrilled to offer Stained Glass – in Cathedral (transparent), Opalised (generally opaque, but some with transparent swirls), iridised, textured and hand-selected mirrors. I now sell these in a “Hobby Sheet” size (approx. 235 x 260mm or larger – depending on manufacturer). Smaller pieces will fit into an Australia Post box, so I can keep postage costs to a minimum.  The larger format sheets will ship in a pizza-style box. I have access to many colours, and will be expanding the range over time.

I also offer a wide selection of Beads – Bone, Shell, Stone, Metal and Glass (of course) – African tribal (sand-cast) glass, Czechoslovakian glass, and more.

My collection of natural products is sustainably sourced and ethically harvested wherever possible.

And then there is my curated collection of treasures that can work beautifully in your creations: old jewellery, ball-chain and bullet shells, which are wonderful as edges in your mosaics.

I am the original Australian distributor of No Days Adhesive film and Mosaic Mesh, and the No Days Groutless range of mosaic adhesives. I also stock Prep Multi-Use adhesive, an amazing Australian product, and Soudal Fix-all SMX Polymers.

I have a varied range of mosaic tools: from glass grinders and cutting systems, through to the more traditional glass scorers and breaking/grozing pliers and wheeled nippers, and small hand tools for moving tesserae about and cleaning out grout. I introduced the QEP Pro-Control nippers to the Australian market, and continue to sell and service them.  I have diamond hand-pads for use on glass (always with water), grout bowls and spreaders.

Merlin Mosaica is the home of Litokol Epoxy and the StyleGrout Tech cementitious grout – both low-VOC products. I also stock a range of grout pigments, and can colour mix to suit your special requirements.

Every effort will be made to keep the prices as low as possible. I am  continually on the look-out for better methods of shipping, and new suppliers to help add to the range, and Ialways try to get the best prices, but as you are no doubt aware, shipping to OZ is pricey (to say the least).

I do not run regular sales, although I may offer a genuine sale occasionally.

I appreciate all feedback, and use it to make the site better for you.

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About Ali

I am a Canberra based artist who loves colour, gardens and animals and has had a life of drawing, painting (acrylics, oils & encaustic) & sculpting. I have had a life-long love affair with glass, and have an extensive collection of hand-blown glass – Australian and Venetian.  The luscious colours and textures available in glass are music for my eyes.

I have always been involved in the practical too – having hand-built a home with my late husband, I am reasonably comfortable around tools. So the inclusion of superior tools, glues, and grouts has been a natural extension to the range.

I made my first mosaic in 2005. Merlin Mosaica was born from the desire to offer choice to the Australian Mosaic artist and hobbyist.

After a professional life in the IT arena, I have employed my familiarity with the internet and overseas connections to seek out interesting items that you may find enticing.

I do not seek to copy what others have to sell.
My son calls me a “uniqueliest” as I love to stand aside from the crowd.