COE 96 Fusible Pack - 500 grams (approx).

Stained Glass Sheet

Our Premier mosaic product!

Wonderful 3mm thick stained glass.  Opalised, Iridescent, Cathedral and Mirror.

Glass is coloured by adding metal oxides or powders to molten glass.  The colour is determined by the additive used. Gold makes red glass, copper oxides also make glass blue to bluish green.  Sulphur and cadmium make yellow. etc.

Iridised glass is made by adding a thin coating of metal oxide to the glass sheet, giving a rainbow effect.  Dichroic glass is made by adding multiple ultra-thin layers of these oxides to the glass.  Dichroic glass changes colour depending on the angle of viewing.  Mirror is made by applying a thin layer of silver or aluminium onto the back of a sheet of glass.

Red or Pink Glass is typically more costly than other colours, and iridised, mirror and dichroic treatments also increase the cost.

Available in 130x200mm sheets. If a larger size sheet is required, please contact me to confirm availability and price.

Sheets are cut to fit into an Australia post box. I can fit 10 sheets into one small post box, and 17 sheets into a medium post box.

** Other sizes available upon request. If you require a specific glass mirrored, please contact us to discuss you requirements.