Who doesn’t love a sparkly sun catcher twinkling in the sun? Hang them in the garden, from a tree, or in front of your window…

Decorate these for someone special … Gift your own kind of wonderful

There are three elements to making a good sun-catcher:

– The SAIL. Catches the breeze and the light. Ideally it should allow light to travel through AND bounce off
– The TAIL. Hangs down prettily from the sail. The best are beautifully decorated
– The WEIGHT. This keeps the whole structure balanced and aligned.

Merlin Mosaica has them all… unique and beautiful.

My sail blanks are made of 4.5mm clear Perspex. They have a hanging hole top and bottom, so you can join them together.
You can use some of your own stash to decorate them, or you can purchase one of my sail kits. The kit includes pieces of translucent and/or transparent glass in your colour choice and some dichroic rods.

The tails are a mix of african tribal beads, and vintage beads, in lots of different colourways. You can personalise these too by adding your own special treasures or mementos.

The weights are a mix of different treasures from my travels – faceted natural stones, chunky African beads, faceted glass drops.

And then there are the Chroma prisms …. You can use these as weighted tails, and add your own beads onto the filament.

All you have to do is provide the filament (either fishing line, or a soft flex jewellery wire is ideal), and a hanger – you can be as creative as you want. Hang them from some driftwood, in a tree, a curtain rod next to your window, anywhere you like!