Black Feather – Complete September 2020

Tesserae from our Range: Gold Mirrored Crash glass, Ebony Tudor Glass

Other Tesserae: Translucent orange glass

Substrate: Liquidarte panel 14cm square, Pine edge

Adhesive: Days Adhesive film.

Grout: Davco black dry grout, black oxide added

Description: I painted the pine frame of the panel matte black, and laid a film of No Days adhesive on the melamine surface of the panel, ensuring it fit snugly. Then I cut the feather shape from a piece of opaque black, and a central quill from translucent orange glass. The gold mirrored crash glass was used to infill the remainder of the space.

Once complete, I used the heat gun on low to heat the glass, and after about 3 minutes, raised the power to High. The film melted quickly, and I just nudged the pieces into place with tweezers.

After it had cooled, I grouted with Davco black (with 10% black oxide added), cleaned up and let dry.

Time taken: 2.5 hours, including painting the frame.

Rainbow Tealight – Complete December 2020

 Tesserae from our Range: Rainbow iridised crash glass, Opaque White Glass

Substrate: Glass tealight (from Bunnings)

Adhesive: Clear Silicone. Grouted in White

A cute little piece showing the versatility of the crash glass. The white grout suits the colours, and of an evening, with a candle inside, it appears black anyway.

Bridges and Barriers – Complete July 2020

Tesserae from our Range: Sea Willow, Small Porcupine Quills

Substrate: Jackoboard (provided as part of the Workshop) – similar to WediBoard/Marmox

This piece was done in an interactive online workshop run by Rachel Davies from Scotland. She supplied a small (6inch square) piece of Jackoboard with a thin set slip coat in black. She also supplied dry thin set, Scottish slate shards, blades and chips, and some red glass pieces. We explored different ways of laying slate – flat, on edge….

Paloma – Complete July 2020

Tesserae from our range: Melted Millefiori, 10mm Istanbul triangles, 8mm Istanbul squares, stone beads, ball chain

Adhesive: Silicone

Substrate: concrete 3D form shape (Bunnings)

I decided to do something based around a wing-feather doodle I drew. I used mini-triangles and squares as they worked so well with the shape.
Her beak has been finished with silver leaf – as tiles or glass looked too heavy…

Flutter By, Butterfly – Complete June 2020

Tesserae now available in store:Stained and textured clear, iridised glass sheet

Adhesive: No Days Adhesive film.

Grout: Davco black dry grout, black oxide added (butterfly body)

Substrate: Ikea tempered glass shelf with brass surround (discontinued)

A pretty little piece that only took a couple of hours… Just for fun.  That’s the huge advantage of No Days Adhesive – makes for a quick project, with minimal clean-up.

Sea Stars Pendant – Complete June 2020 (SOLD)

Tesserae now available in store:Melted Millefiori – (small size) in a transparent teal and turquoise, glass chips

Adhesive: No Days Adhesive film.

Grout: Davco black dry grout, black oxide added

Substrate: Silver coloured alloy pendant tray

I was so excited when I opened a delivery of millefiori, that I just had to put together this little pendant in my favourite jewel colours.

I used a mosaic adhesive film to glue them in place, and activated it with my trusty old heat gun. Grasping the tray firmly with my tweezers, I applied heat from the underneath, to avoid moving the tesserae around (Harry the Heat Gun emits a powerful blast)!  I would have grouted it there and then, but it was getting late, and our garage isn’t the warmest place to be. I grouted it the next evening, using a black sanded grout.

It was sold even before it was finished!