Mosaic Tools

Nippers, glass scorers, running and grozing pliers, mosaic picks, grouting bowls, grout spreaders, diamond sanding pads and files, even a nifty low-profile turntable.

Good tools are essential for making mosaics.  Even if you are just starting out in the craft, we encourage you to buy the best quality tools you can. Maintain them correctly, and they should last you for years.

Poor quality cutters are often the root cause of cutting difficulties.  Badly made scorers and pliers may break your glass in the wrong place.  Getting a great finish on your work requires practice and precision, and good tools. I have tools to suit all budgets.

There are handy little “doovers” that are just the thing for moving a tess into that awkward space; clever little bowls that hold just the right amount of grout and have no hard to get at corners; little pickers and pokers for shifting that last piece of grout off your nearly finished piece; sanding pads for getting rid of those nasty glass snags that always find their way into your fingers; and slim files for getting a nice edge on those inner corners (think the top of a heart).

The tools I sell are the ones I use in preparing my glass for sale, and in making mosaics.  They therefore have to be both effective and long-lasting – making them a worthwhile investment.

My tools range from inexpensive needle-nosed picks right up to gridded cutting systems: repetitive geometric cutters which I use to prepare my stained glass for sale, and systems designed to alleviate wrist and shoulder pressure whilst cutting.  As we age, we need to look after our joints.

NOTE: These tools are designed for use with glass. I do not stock tools for ceramics. Although some may be used with ceramics, care should be taken, as ceramics may blunt the cutter heads and render them ineffective on glass.

I recommend keeping a set of tools specifically for glass